Friday, March 18, 2005

Eugh, You use your hands...

Just to narrate a story I once heard from a shaykh...

A Muslim guy and a non muslim colleague are sat talking one day...

Non Muslim: Eugh, you muslims are dirty 'cos you use your hands with water in the bathroom

Muslim guy pauses, picks up 2 ashtrays from the coffee table and disappears in the bathroom
After a short while he returns

Muslim: Which ashtray is cleaner the one I've washed or the one that I've simply wiped with tissue?

Non Muslim: (Pointing to the washed ashtray) this one.

Muslim: Then, This (pointing to clean ashtray) is my backside and this (pointing to dirty ashtray) one is yours!

To hear this on the real player talk above.
Remember me in your duas

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