Thursday, May 12, 2005


This is a poem about University
From where I gained a degree

There I failed to realise
My Iman weakened to near demise

Whilst some would sleep
And pious people weep

Seeking Allah’s pleasure night and day
Others would stand and pray

In the darkness of the night
Whilst I, would sin with satans delight

From the Masjid and Muslims I am away
To the bars and clubs I stray

Wherein alcohol is consumed
And women are scantily dressed

The DJ at that time is my leader
Little I know to Hellfire he is my guider

With sinners I am content
These friends, non muslim, bent

Fellow muslim students flee
At the very sight of me

They do not wish to associate
With me, a Muslim of such ungrate

Chasing the material & wordly gain
A one way ticket to Hellfire, full of pain

I look back now and shudder
Alhumdulillah, I am now better

From this sick disease
Which grips Muslim students with ease

Oh my fellow Muslim,
Think twice before away to university you go
For the devil there is in full flow.

I have just seen a article 'Ultimatum for Muslim school: improve or be closed down.' If this school does close down we cannot point the finger at anyone but ourself, for what did we actively do to help?? Did we even take the time out to make duah to Allah (swt) for the school??
I leave the link where I previously discussed this school Islamic Education
...please take a look, pass on this article to every muslim you can and at least make duah for this school.

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