Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dont you feel hot?

by Ahmed

It is only Satans evil plot
That kuffar say 'dont you feel hot'

With all that clothing you wear
To 'worship' the sun, in nudity they prepare

By showing it as much skin as they can
Disclosing their bodies to every woman and man

Thinking beauty is to be displayed
That very skin non permissable eyes invade

Muslims young are adopting this trend
Allahs laws we break and bend

In the park you love to 'chill’ and hang
With the college/school crew or gang

Clothed as the fashion designers said
If only you would look ahead

To see that beyond this life of fun
The eternal life hereafter needs to be won

For this, here we will experience many a trial
But for the Akhirah it is all worthwhile

Wake up, amend our ways, turn to Allah and repent
Before our ultimate reward is eternal torment.

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