Sunday, April 16, 2006

Shaykh al-Hadith Adam ibn Yusuf

He was born in the villiage of Manekpore (Western India) in the year 1937. He was entered into the islamic university in Dhabel to commence his islamic education and completed memorisation of the Qur'an at the young age of just 9 years. He then went on to study the sciences of the Arabic language and principles of Islamic jurisprudence.

Thereafter he enrolled at the prestigious Darul uloom in Deoband, India, where he studied Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh and various other inter related sciences, including the further branches of Shariah. He graduated from this institute at the age of 22 and took up post teaching the islamic sciences at the islamic university of Dhabel.

Afterwards he moved to Malawi in Central Africa where he spent 7 years, before moving to the city of Leicester in England in November 1975. It was here he established the Jameah Masjid where he has been (and still is) the imam for the last 30 years. During this time he strived to benefit the community by establishing the Jameah Uloomul Qur'an which caters for 1300 students at present.

Under his supervision also runs the Darul Iftaa, Jameah Girls Academy and Khanqah Imam Muhammad Zakariyya (r.a).

In this day and age, when some pious people are accused of neglecting the upbringing and spiritual development of their own family as a result of being engaged in dawah work in the community, Shaykh has set an excellent example. Shaykh has 3 sons and 2 daughters, all of whom have completed Alim/ Alimaat islamic education and themselves are dedicated to the service of Islam through teaching ahadith in the above mentioned academies. Last we week we already looked at the biography of one of the Shaykh's son, Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam.

Shaykh continues to give twice regular weekly duroos in the Urdu language and his beneficial lessons, as well as those of his sons, can be downloaded/ heard on the Khanqah website. May Allah swt give good health and long life to Shaykh al-Hadith Maulana Adam in order that the ummah continue to benefit from his lessons, knowledge and experiences. Ameen.

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