Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Episodes of Rahmat

The similitude of these episodes is like the rain. Not only these episodes, but even Nusoos (Quranic verses and Ahadith) bear the same similitude. Rain in itself is highly beneficial and life-giving. However, its effect on different substrata varies. If the ground is fertile, the beneficial effect is manifested in the luxurious growth. If the ground is arid and barren, then the more the rainfall, the more thorn-trees, brambles and shrubbery.

Shaikh Sadi (rahmatullah alayhi) says:
'There is no doubt in the beneficial effect of rain.
If it rains in a garden, tulips grow;
if it rains in arid ground, thorns and brambles glow.'

Similar is the effect of episodes of Rahmat on different persons. People of different dispositions are affected differently by these stories of mercy.

Those of a sick disposition and unhealthy temperament interpret these incidents of mercy in a grossly distorted manner. They say if Allah Taala forgives on the basis of such trivial acts, then there is no real need for righteous deeds.

On the other hand, those of a healthy disposition and who are straight-thinking, upon hearing such incidents of Rahmat increase their acts of obedience. In fact, at times, if forgiveness is obtained without punishment, those whose hearts are imbued with Divine Recognition are smitten with shame far greater than the shame which they would have suffered if they had received some punishment. Only those who have suffered this state know its reality.

Excerpt from Zikr-e-Ilahi by Hazrat Maseehullah Khan (rahmatullahi alayhi

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