Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dentist Appointment

A few weeks ago I had an appointment with the dentist for a routine check up. The check up revealed that a tooth of mine needed extensive work doing on it or have it extracted. Faced with a tough decision, my immediate reaction was to avoid having the tooth removed in order to:
1, avoid the pain and
2, keep as many of my teeth for as long as possible.

Having had time to think about the choices before coming to a decision, I soon concluded that it was better to have the tooth removed and forego the perceived short term benefit, of keeping the tooth, in exchange for the longer term advantage of not having infections and complications develop with the passage of time.

Upon consideration of the above incident we find that our lives are somewhat reflected by the above experience. We tend to become engrossed in this dunyah which is only short term and lose sight of the long term, which is the life of the hereafter. In our conduct, actions and activities we incline to carry them out based on temporary and worldly benefits and forget to even consider the religious long term impact that they may have.

A Muslim should keep his gaze fixed on the akhirah and pass by some of the luxuries of this dunyah in anticipation and hope of pleasing Allah and achieving the end reward, Jannah. Indeed there are those who have indulged in what has been forbidden for them in this dunyah and the Shariah has clearly laid out the repercussions of such behaviour and acts. Many a times these forbidden acts may even seem alluring but the Muslim will acknowledge the genuine danger this poses to him/ her and will take precautions to avoid them in order to please Allah.

May Allah Almighty grant, firstly, me and the readers to take lessons and act upon the above, ameen.

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