Tuesday, March 27, 2007


TAWAADHU' (Humility)

Almighty Allah says:

"And the servants of Rahman are those who walk with humility on earth"

This means that in all matters humility forms part of their nature.

Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam said:

"Whoever humbles himself for the sake of Allah, Allah grants him elevation."


Tawaadhu' in reality is to regard oneself as a non-entity; as low and debased; to consider oneself as unworthy of rank and status, and to sincerely attempt to annihilate one's ego. The basis of this is Mujahada of the nafs.

Tawaadhu' does not only mean designating oneself verbally with terms of humility such as "this humble servant", "this low thing", "beggar", "a nobody" etc. Tawaadhu' really means that if someone calls you a nobody, or insults and disgraces you then the crave for revenge does not arise within you. Instead, you explain to the nafs that "in actual fact you are exactly as he says, so why feel bad?" One is not affected or grieved through the insults of people. The highest stage of tawaadhu' is to regard praises and insults as equal. But this is not natural in a person. By nature praise and condemnation can never be regarded with equality since such an attitude is non-volitional (beyond one's control). However, in volitional matters (which are within our control) one must adopt the quality of tawaadhu', and this is what man has been bound to do by Shariah.

The basis of unity is tawaadhu'. Two people between whom there exists mutual tawaadhu' can never have disunity. Tawaadhu' has an absorbing and appealing effect on people. One naturally gets attracted towards tawaadhu', provided it be genuine tawaadhu'.


The method of creating tawaadhu' in oneself is as follows:

Regard yourself as the lowest and most inferior of all. Keep in mind and contemplate at all times the Greatness of Almighty Allah. Reflect on this thought that if Allah detests pride then surely He would hate the mutakabbir (a proud person). And Almighty Allah loves humility (tawaadhu') and submissiveness, so obviously He would love the Mutawwadhi (a humble person).

Extracted from the book Shariat and Tasawwuf by Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah (r.a)

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