Thursday, July 05, 2007

Altering Your Head to Fit a Cap?!

by Usama Mahmood

Our honourable Shaykh was sitting once in the masjid and sitting near by was a child. Shaykh, in a playful manner, took off the cap of the child’s head and asked the child if he would let him keep it. Shaykh then addressed the gathering: “This cap can not fit my head because of its size and the size of my head.

He then said “Deen is like the head of person and the cap is us. Deen is a fixed religion sent by Allah and we have to work around to facilitate its requirements, just as you would do and alter the cap for it to fit you. However you wouldn’t trim your head so that the cap fits you?!

This is the condition of the Muslims today they change around the Deen to suit them. This is why the wrath of Allah descends. So we must change ourselves so that we fit in the different branches of the religion of Islam”.
Source: In Shaykh's company

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