Thursday, December 13, 2007

The World

by Zoya Eitezaz Ahmad

Dressed in luxury
She invites us
Attractive sure she is
With smile contagious

With her cunning ornaments
She attracts the masses
Throwing glamour and glee
To whoever passes

Taking us in her arms
She acts comfort and peace
Sucking our intellect
Soon happiness she seize

Once we are lost in her eyes
She nibbles at our thinking
Crushing the repent emeralds
So deep goes her stinging

Her voice full of promises
The ones made to be broken
Empty, hollow, false
Dying when spoken

She is sham beauty
Beauty coated with poison
Lifting her veil gradually
Kisses her victim till frozen

Beware victims!
Keep her at a distance
She is what is told
A test upon our existence.

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