Monday, February 25, 2008

Sufi and the Body Builder

Body Builder: Hey Sufi how you doing? Why are you so skinny? Come train with me in the gym I’ll make you buff in 6 months.

Sufi: Peace be upon you my friend. I am well, praise be to Allah, you are looking healthy as well masha Allah. Thank you for your kind offer, before I take you up though I need to know how much effort I will need to put in to achieve this maqam of ‘buff’?

BB: Well if you want to be like me you need to train 3 hours everyday, 6 days a week, eat 2 raw eggs every morning, a whole grilled chicken every night, six bananas, and take £200 worth of supplements every month.

BB: … Oh yeah, forgot to add; you have to keep this up everyday otherwise you’ll lose everything you gain youknowwhatI’msaying bruv? Well you’ll lose it anyway as you get older but for now you can look like a human tank like me, yeah baby!!

S: So you are basically saying I must dedicate myself every day to my body, arduously working for something that will eventually deteriorate?

BB: Erm…. Yeah. But I’m telling you bruv all the girls dig a buff body even the guys stare at me I’m so hot!

S: A ‘buff’oon could not be as misguided as you my foolish companion! You are tricked by the whispers of Shaytan and lowly desires of the nafs. Your ego has inflated more than your muscles! May Allah have mercy on you and guide you!

You work so hard, spend so much time and effort on something you know is finite and will leave you in the grave; you even admit it will deteriorate in your own lifetime!

Follow my advice my dear friend, put your efforts to something that is eternal and will be your companion beyond your grave - your Soul.

Unlike your biceps, triceps and pectorals which no matter how perfectly you form will ultimately sag and rot away. Whereas every aspect of your soul you perfect will manifest into everlasting beauty in this world and the next, a beauty your mind cannot even perceive.

Give your body its rights but dear friend take care of your soul.

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