Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good Health

by Ahmed

Good Health is an oft forgotten blessing and Mercy
From our Lord and Creator Allah Almighty

Not being able to hide behind a mask
On the day of judgement we will be taken to task

Did you use for good this health?
Or were you too busy acquiring wealth?

Whilst you were young you were strong and able
Too scared to take on the Muslim label

Instead you chose to chill and relax
In your prayers and obligations you were lax

Now you realise your foolish mistake
From fear your body begins to shake

What will my Lord do with me churns your mind
Your body sweating, excuses you try and find

But this day you know theres no escape or dodging
Your every move and action captured on record

The alarm beeps and you awake in perspiration from your dream
You realise the stupidity to date of your sinful regime

Here and now resolve to change and amend
Become a true Muslim before your life comes to an end.

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