Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Young Hafiz

There was a young man, who got to know about a precious stone. He decided not to come back to his house till he finds the stone. So he left his house with a little provision. He sat down to sketch a map on a notebook. He had a very long route to cover, but he stuck to his ambition and had very high hopes.

He believed that if he found the stone he would not have to work anymore and would become the wealthiest person. All his worries and problems would be finished. Everyone would respect him. Ultimately he would become a successful man.

He traveled through many countries, cities, towns, jungles, and mountains in search of the stone for forty years.

At last while he was passing by an ancient mine he found the stone underneath a heavy rock but by then he had become very old and frail looking person.

Holding the stone tightly in his fist, he started jumping with great joy and happiness. Suddenly he saw a young boy sitting by the stream, reciting the Quraan-e-Kareem in a beautiful tone.

The boy's penetrating words of the Quraan-e-Hakeem struck the man's heart. It seemed that trees, birds, water all were listening to his Quraan.

He thought to himself that he had become too old and weak, so why not give the stone this young man.

The man came up to the boy and said, young man, may I have your attention please. I have traveled through many countries, Cities, towns, jungles and mountains in search of this precious stone for forty long ho years. Now I have found it, but I have become very weak and old. I want you to have it because you seem to be pious and have long life ahead of you."

"What would I do with it?" The boy asked suspiciously.

"Oh..., you would be the most successful, happiest and wealthiest person in the world", laughed the man as he stretched out his hands.

"But I have found the Creator of t his stone as well as all the stones of the entire universe," said the boy confidently.

"Allah Ta'ala has all the treasures of success, happiness, peace, respect and sustenance. Allah Ta'ala has got power over every thing." smiled the young boy as he raised his index finger to the sky, as the little boy continued, "If you had given even a little time toyour Creator. Everything would have become yours."

The man broke into tears and the boy's words sank into his heart. He repented and threw the stone and served rest of his life to become the friend of Allah Ta'ala.


Look, children..! Even the young ones can become the means of guidance for the Elders if they are on the right path.

If the stone had impressed the boy, do you think that the old man would have got guidance (Hidayat)?
Source: Darul Islam

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