Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Make the most of Ramadan

Assalam Alaykum,
Ramadan Mubrak to you all! I thought it would be good to share some general advice on making the most of Ramadan, so here are some brief points below.
Please remember me and my family in your duas.
  • Perform all prayers on time and with congregation (especially for males)
  • Do not waste time doing Eid shopping or eating with friends and other family members just because it is Ramadan
  • Reduce worldly and business commitments to a minimum
  • Increase the recitation of the Quran, Zikr and Tasbeeh
  • Increase Nafl (optional) Salah or perform Qaza Salah as much as possible
  • Make a total commitment to avoid all sins. If any sins are committed, (major or minor), make taubah (repent) immediately
  • Free the mind from all evil thoughts and make an effort to reform oneself (eg. remove pride, hatred, jealousy, anger, looking down upon others, etc.)
  • Increase acts of charity and assist the needy as much as possible. Do not forget to pay your Zakat.
  • Spend time reading good Islamic books (eg. Teachings of Islam, Bahishti Zewar, Good Character, Upbringing of Children etc.)
  • Make plenty of dua for yourself, your family and the Ummah, especially in the period before the time for Iftar
Bear in mind that each of one of us will be asked by Allah how we spent our Ramadhan . Let us not forget that we will be punished equally for our sins just as we are rewarded for our good deeds.

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