Sunday, November 14, 2004


I decided to set up this site so peeps know whats going on at a certain point in time with me.
The increasing number of emails makes it difficult to spend the time required to give detailed responses to each individual. I hope also that others can learn from my experiences that I relate as to how not to/ how to deal with a particular situation.

This past week has seen the end of Ramadan (feel sad the blessed month has passed by so quick) and I only have a few more days left at work before I leave. My manager asked me if I really wanted to leave...this time I cheekily asked him for a reason to stay. He offered more money but I said hmmmm...NO. I realised the Ramadan before last that time is very very precious, and that though its been fun driving 40 mins to work for nearly the last 4 years, I need to be closer to home now and definitely closer to a mosque.

Anyway, I found my card to the islamic library and so borrowed AAP BEETI which is the biography of Shaykul Hadeeth Maulana Zakariyyah. I have only been able to read a portion of it, and its totally amazing. If you cant get hold of a copy of the book then listen to this talk about the Shaykh Life Haz Sheikh by Ibrahim Memon.

May Allah accept the efforts of all the muslims of the month of Ramadan and may He make us better muslims as result.


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