Saturday, December 11, 2004

New Job...

Sorry for the delay in posting. Things have been real hectic the past 2 weeks or so. Started my new job, Alhumdulillah, feels great that I dont have to drive so much and that I'm closer to the Masajid now and lots of Muslims!! Jumuah is only a short walk away now, instead of the 25mins drive I used to make before.
It has its downs as well tho...its strange watching some of the younger generation sinning so openly and carelessly, may Allah guide us all.

Online Arabic classes started this morning, had to be awake and at the PC at 6am...what a rude shock to the system. I was absolutely starved as well after the 3 hour session, I could've gone down for a snack during the break but decided against it so as not to wake anybody else in the family. Check this...I gotta be on the PC at 5am tomorrow(Sunday), hmmmm not looking forward to that but inshallah the fact that I'm increasing Ilm to benefit my imaan motivates me.

Anyways back to the new job, I got asked to the pub for lunch, said no straight off and the guy seemed to understand pretty swiftly as to why, without even my having to explain. I just hope they smart enough to realise that as well as not handing out Christmas cards, I don't want to receive any. Click here to read some of the many articles about Christmas and Muslims.

You will have noticed that I have updated the look of my Blog. Let me have your comments if you have any suggestions/ ideas/ criticism. I have updated the RealPlayer talk to 'Music & Backtracking'. Although its a long talk please please have a listen as its an area I think muslims really need to address. Shaykh Rashid Karolia has done a lot of research and work in this area so do pay attention to what he has to say. The S African accent is top as well. I'll leave this talk on for several weeks seeing as it is a unusually long one. [edit 16/12/2005 SO YOU WONT FIND THE TALK ON HERE NOW BUT GO TO THIS SITE Darulislam Blog AND INSHALLAH YOU WILL FIND IT THERE.]

Anyhow, Isha azaan is being called out as I type so I end with this hadith.
The Prophet (Allah bless him & give him peace) said, "Allah is more deserving of one's shyness than people are." [Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud, and others]

Remember me in your Duahs.

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