Wednesday, December 01, 2004

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Slightly later than I had hoped to post this but better late than never!

I read this article yesterday and it made me feel so sad for this brother of ours that was beaten for no reason at all.,11374,1362326,00.html?gusrc=rss May Allah reward him well and grant him Jannah for his devotion and to remain fearless for adopting sunnah dress despite being made aware of some possible danger.

Whilst on 'Safar' over the past few days I was really really pleased that Ma'shallah bookstores, restaurants and takeaways are making room/ space available for muslims to be able to go and perform their salah. We should all make efforts to encourage others and ourselves to make such facilities available for muslims, so that should they need to perform their salah they are able to do so. Inshallah, those who provide for muslims in this way will also be rewarded and a bond of love will be created/ strengthened in the muslim community.


There was this man that wanted to climb this very high mountain however he wanted to do it by himself as he wanted all the fame and glory for himself so he started to climb this mountain very early that morning and he climbed and climbed the entire day passed and night began to fall and he still kept on climbing . just as he was about to reach the top he fell , fell and fell.As he was falling he seen his life passing him buy just as he reached 2 feet from the ground the rope caught him and he was so afraid and terrified that he screamed out loud "Allah please help me"

A Malaaikah came down and said to him do you really think that Allah can help you?

''Yes'' replied the man, '' I do

''The Malaaikah says Allah commands you to cut the rope.The man was very suprised and shocked at the same time as the Malaaikah repeated himself Allah commands you to cut the rope, the man was terrified and tied the rope tighter around his waist. A story is told of a rescue team that found a man dead hanging 2 feet from the ground.

How tight are your ropes? Do you trust Allah enough to come to your rescue when you need it most , would you cut your ropes if Allah commanded you to?

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Inshallah my next post will be longer.
Duah ma yhad

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