Monday, February 07, 2005

Gym & A note from Satan

Salam Alaykum,

This week I visited the gym, Over the past few weeks it has come under new management being taken over by a muslim family. Alhumdulillah, they have taken out the music (on hifi and TV) from downstairs in the mens gym and yesterday I even saw a book titled 'Music Exposed' on the coffee table in reception/ foyer area. Unfortunately though, it seems as though there are a few non muslim women upstairs adament that they need to have the music loud enough to compete with a nightclub so they can have a good workout. As muslims we can approach the management of the gym and request that they turn the music off and perhaps put it onto a radio talk station (5 live etc) instead.
Given that the management is keen to implement shariah at the gym, the time is now ripe to make our concern be heard, so please all with great love and respect forward your suggestions to them.Make sure that we dont adopt our issue of sitting back and complaining to others about the issues, but rather we attempt to make a difference by adopting speach which could lead to a positive outcome. If we cant bring ourselves to do even this, then at the very least make duah that this venture is successful in providing a much overdue service to the muslim community of Leicester.

Valentines day is not far off now, school & College kids may feel under pressure from their peers around this time for being 'left out', all I can say is that count yourself fortunate and do Shukr that Allah swt has saved you from this crazy, commercial event which the masses on a global scale blindly adopt. As for Islams stance on Valentines day see the following articles on Leicester Muslims.

Please remember me in your duahs.

A Note from Satan

The day has come
When I, Satan, will play you dumb

To approach 'The girl/ boy' is hard
so today break the ice with a card

You will send it to them with zeal
finally they will know how you feel

Oh Muslim dont you see
I watch you with glee

For now I have you trapped
Your heart once inclined towards Allah, I have snatched

I have now started you off on the slippery road
To Jahannam the dreadful abode.

Enjoy your Valentines day!
From Satan

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