Monday, February 28, 2005

Weddings & Selfishness

Weddings always seem to bring out the true colours in people. Never have I seen muslims behave in such a strange manner. What I mention here is not merely a result of attending a particular wedding, but over the course of many.

I'm sure we all agree that weddings take up a good amount of preparation and effort. Why is it then that those that attend want a personalised tailored wedding according to how they see fit? The hosts in most cases go through a huge effort to accomodate everybody, yet there is always a minority (some might say majority!) who feel the 'need to speak out' even if its not for themself, and thereby cause a nuisance to the hosts. One example of this was one individual saying they wanted something else to eat because they already had rice the day before! Another common one, asking for more food of a particular type, without sparing a thought for those who have yet to dine.

In most cases the ones causing the nuisance seem to be relations of the family hosting the wedding. If as family, we cannot extend some courteousy on these sorts of occassions, where things may not be perfect as we see it, then what hope do we have as a muslim ummah??
It all boils down to Selfishness & Arrogance, both of these which the Holy Prophet (pbuh) warned us about. Let us take a good look at no one but ourselves and try to curb & eliminate this cancerous diesease afflicting us today.

Please have a listen to the Islamic talk above by Shaykh Riyadh on Selfishness.

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