Thursday, July 21, 2005



The town supposedly came to mourn
but merely socialised on the lawn

Fancy dressed ladies to the occasion came
with tongues difficult to tame

Many a man from all over did come
& all you could hear was the stench of worldly hum

Just as an ignorant dog goes 'arf, arf'
the gathering merely joked and laughed

Never were they concerned over death
when the very next second could be their last breath

Duas were made as the deceased was laid down
only to be by the call of the cellphone drowned

So intense was his incessant chatter
that the few sane thought he was mad as a hatter

Back at the fun-a-ral house
people gorged themselves as would a louse

About the orphan heirs' share
who could a bit care?

A wonderful outing, the day was for all
I wonder what will happen on the day when they won't walk tall

and only worms on them will crawl
will they still have the courage to brawl and about the dunya drawl?


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