Saturday, January 28, 2006

HADHRAT ABU HAAZIM MAKKI (rahmatullah alayh)

Hadhrat Abu Haazim (rahmatullah alayh) had the good fortune of meeting many Sahaabah. He was therefore a Taabi-ee.

1. The Khalifah, Hishaam Bin Abdul Maalik asked him: "How can salvation in the Hereafter be achieved?"

Abu Haazim said: "Acquisition of wealth lawfully and spending it lawfully."

The Khalifah asked: "Who can do this?"

Abu Haazim: "He who wishes for Jannat, fears Jahannum and searches for Allah's Pleasure."

2. He said: "Abstain from the world. I have heard that on the Day of Qiyaamah an Aabid (Worshipper) who loved the world will be exhibited in the vast multitude of people and an Angel will say: 'This is the man who loved what Allah detested."

"There is nothing on earth, the ultimate end of which is not regret." "On earth there is no luxury devoid of grief." "This world is such an evil abode that even its insignificant things attract a person more than the great wonders of Jannat."

3. "I discovered all things in two things:

One: What has been ordained for me.

Two: What has not been ordained for me.

Even if I flee from the things ordained for me, they will reach me, and even if I pursue what has not been ordained for me, it will elude me."

4. Once when he passed by the butcher's shop, the butcher said: "The meat today is of high quality. Take some."
Abu Haazim said: "I have no money."
The butcher: "You can pay when you are able to."
Abu Haazim: "Let me consult first my nafs."
The butcher: "It is for this reason that you are so weak and only skin and bone."
Abu Haazim: "This is sufficient for the worms (i.e. in the grave)."

5. A buzrug set out for Hajj. In Makkah Muazzamah he went to meet Abu Haazim whom he found sleeping. The buzrug waited. When Abu Haazim awoke, the buzrug greeted. Abu Haazim said: "I have just seen Rasulullah ( صلى الله عايه وسالم ) in a dream. He said that caring for your mother is better than performing Hajj. You should cancel your plan for Hajj." The buzrug obeyed and returned home to take care of his mother.

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