Friday, February 03, 2006

Journey to Hajj pt2

Upon sighting the Ka’bah for the first time, the following that someone reminded comes to mind; Verse 4 Surah Toor mentions Baytul Ma’moor, the equivalent of the Ka’bah, directly above the Ka’bah in the heavens. Each day 70,000 angels perform tawaaf there and none of them ever get a second chance again. How merciful is Allah that He allows us to go each day of our stay, and also again and again on separate trips to the blessed house of His on earth.

Some notes from the Hajj

Day 1 Mina
I’m really glad my sister lent me her smaller sized Qur’an. Her advice in bringing some duas in little book form was also a great idea. All of these comfortably fit into the little side bag I picked up in Madinah. A lot of free time today can be utilised by engaging in Qur’an tilawat and reciting these duas. Seems easy here to get into lengthy conversation with fellows in the camp. Sometimes they are on subjects, which we might even consider deeni and religious, rather this is ploy from the Satan to divert our attention from performing more virtuous and rewarding deeds during these blessed days of Hajj. Also such conversations can quite easily switch subjects and move onto sinful talk such as backbiting and slandering. Personally, I’m trying to get some good sleep and rest in today as the next 2 days are going to be very busy.

Day 2
Arafat and Muzdalifa
Amazing that all Muslims dressed in the plain clothes of ihraam are here spending time together for one purpose; ibdaat and du’a to Allah the Almighty. The fact we are adorned in 2 simple white cloths reminds one of death, where we will be made to rest in the grave with our simple kafn. All the hujjaj amassed together also brings to mind thoughts of the day of Qiyamat when all mankind will be stood together awaiting the commencement of Judgement. If we think that a few million people stood together is a sight to behold, just try and imagine the scene on that day when trillions, from the beginning until the end of time will be stood together!

Mashallah, so much free food, drink and water is distributed to all the hujjaj here…May Allah bless the Saudi Authorities.

Also amazing how the Holy Prophet pbuh did all of this without any of the facilities the hujjaj are provided with today. May Allah accept our efforts on this day.

Day 4
Tawaf, Sa’ee, Ramee and walking in Mina was a hard walk and task in totality, for even the fit amongst the Hujjaj. A 22 year old from our camp fainted twice in 24 hours suffering from exhaustion and dehydration. This also serves as an important warning to those intentionally putting off performing Fardh Hajj until later on in their lives. Using the lame excuse ‘I’ll wait until I’m mentally and spiritually ready’ is most definitely not a valid sharee reason to neglect an obligation of Islam, be it Salaah or Hajj.

The advice of the ulama to stick to fruit and liquids in Mina as much as possible proved to be very beneficial, alhumdulillah. The full realisation has set in my mind that it’s absolutely vital now (hajj time) to have patience and that keeping ones tongue moist with Dhikr really helps with this.

Day 5
One of the great things of Hajj is that you meet people from all across the world. Alhumdulillah, you can communicate, though even briefly with them, and I realise that life as a Muslim is harder in parts of the world than we experience here in the UK.

Sadly some Muslims are intent on stopping others from performing additional and optional good deeds. What a shame they won’t remain silent instead, or put in even half the effort to encourage good in its place. Too much free time and lazing around seems to give an open invitation for vain and idle chit chat. Of course being forced to stay together in Mina is going to bring about some of this, but those more sensible Muslims limit this and instead devote themselves to please the Almighty.

The Jamarat incident occurred today and we receive mixed reports of the numbers and causes of the stampede. Alhumdulillah, following the advice of Shaykh Salim Dhorats Hajj guide of waiting until later in the day has made the duty of pelting so easy for us.

Jamarat Project
The Saturday after Hajj the Jamarat bridge is totally demolished with the commencement of the 3 year SR4.2bn project. The project has been planned long in advance, and will have five levels in total, electronic stairs and means of transportation for pilgrims from tents to the Jamarat. Inshallah, two of the four levels of the new bridge will be complete in time for next years Hajj.

The days of Hajj are only a few from our life on this earth, surely for this short time we can control ourselves to avoid the negativities and also push ourselves in order to seek the pleasure of Allah, so that we are counted amongst those mentioned by the Prophet pbuh in the hadith:

“Whoever performs Hajj for the sake of pleasing Allah and therein utters no word of evil, nor commits any evil deed, shall return from it as free from sin as the day on which his mother gave birth to him.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

I pray Allah allows me first of all to benefit and act on the above and then those reading this. May Allah save us from stopping others doing good and engaging in idle talk, grant us the ability to engage in good, take all the Muslims to perform Hajj and thereafter accept it from us. Ameen

The Prophet pbuh said:
(addressing Makkah) “I love you more than any city. Had my people not forced me to leave, I would never have taken up residence anywhere else.” (Tirmidhi)

“One hundred and twenty mercies descend upon the Ka’bah every day and night; sixty for those performing tawaaf, forty for those engaged in salaah and twenty for those who are merely looking at the Ka’bah.” (Bayhaqi)

“By Allah! On the day of qiyaamah Allah will present the Hajar Aswad in such a manner that it will have 2 eyes and a tongue to testify to the imaan of those who kissed it.” (Tirmidhi)

“The Hajar Aswad and Maqaam Ibraheem are 2 jewels from amongst the jewels of Jannah. Had Allah not concealed their radiance, they would illuminate everything between the East and the West.” (Sunan Kubra)

“The water of zamzam is for that (intention) for which it is drunk (i.e. whatever intention one makes while drinking the water, one will achieve that intention, e.g. for thirst, food, medicine, etc.)” (ibne Maajah)
Hajj and Umrah guides

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