Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lustful Glances

Nothing happens without determination. The real treatment to prevent lustful glances is to think at that moment:

“Allah SWT is watching me now and on the Day of Judgment I will be questioned regarding this. And if Allah SWT condemns me for punishment what will happen of me?”

- By recalling this repeatedly again and again one will attain success.
- Therefore, make strong determination.

This is the only treatment. Initially for few days there will be some hardship indeed, but eventually, inshaAllah, it will become a habit. And then the gratification and peace you find in it can only be imagined of. (Basair-e-Hakeemul-e-Ummat 369)
source: Ashrafiya blog

Maulana Hakeem Akhtar Saheb reminds us of the following qudsi hadith narrated by the Prophet (pbuh):

"The gaze is a poisonous arrow from among the arrows of Iblis (satan). Whoever protected his heart and gaze from this arrow due to My fear, I will grant him the sweetness of Imân that he will perceive in his heart."

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