Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Subscriptions Fisabilillah

During our lifetime we go through at least a short duration where we pay out some form or another of a monthly or annual subscription.

Some are affiliated to a professional organisation, which enables them to use specific designated letters after their name and receive a monthly magazine which keeps them updated with current events/ issues and developments in that particular profession or field.

Others subscribe to magazine or newspaper circulations which keeps them informed of a certain area as a hobby, or updated with current local/ national or world events.

Then there is the subscription paid in the form of line rental for mobile/ cell phone contracts, I’m sure most of us can relate to this one!

As a result of these subscriptions we have to pay a monthly or annual subscription to receive this ‘service.’ The payment of these subscriptions can be quite easily made through utilisation of online payment methods, direct debits and standing orders.

However, when it comes to deen:
- we give no thought as to any costs and sacrifices made by those involved in Maktabs/ Khanqahs/ Academies to bring to us deeni education, yet we quite happily acknowledge the costs providers incur in providing the above worldly services and pay without quibble the price they set.

- despite attending Dars and bayaans, either in person or online, we don’t even consider paying a one off donation, never mind a regular subscription, for receiving this Ilm which is invaluable to us.

- we fail to benefit from gatherings of Ilm in a regular manner but we devotedly receive and make time to read magazines, newspapers and regularly contact friends and family using our mobile phone.

- despite the fact that the same payment methods are available for deeni donations we seem to really struggle to make them. In fact, rather embarrassingly, appeal after appeal, and door to door collections have to be made by the providers of deeni ‘services’ before we place our hands in our pockets. Yet if we want to purchase something from Ebay we have no hesitation in signing up for and sending payments through Paypal etc. instantly.

In light of the above I hope we can all draw some important lessons and take the time out to subscribe at least £1 a week to a deeni institution and inshallah if we can all do this we can alleviate many of the problems they may be facing.

Individually we may not be able to move a heavy boulder, but united together we can move mountains. I pray Allah swt gives firstly me and then you the ability to act upon the above and become regular subscribers fisabilillah, Ameen.

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