Thursday, July 27, 2006

Changing Sins to Virtue

Moulana Rumi (r.a.) states that Allah has kept the ability to sin as well as the ability to do good within man. He gives an example that when the sun shines on cow dung that lies in the forest, it becomes dry. Then the baker places it in the oven where it becomes completely red and makes the oven red. The baker is now able to bake roti (bread). The dung became dry and pure, then it became red in the fire. Now it was used for baking roti as well as giving light.

Who granted it this benefit? A mere creation of Allah, the sun, produced this effect that it made cow dung clean.

The Effect of the Sun on Impurities
The rays of the sun dried up the liquid part of the dung and converted it into fertilizer. This very fertilizer now produces fragrant flowers like the rose and jasmine. Moulana Rumi (r.a.) states that the sun’s rays made one part of the impure dung illuminated in the oven while the other part was converted into flowers. When this is the effect of the sun’s rays, then what will be the effect of Allah’s grace on evil character? What will happen to the urge of sinning that one has? Why will it not change into good character and the desire to worship? Then he recited this verse:
O Allah, Your sun has an effect on apparent impurities.
And Your general grace does not search for capability.

Had it searched for capability, then the sun in the sky would not have had an effect on impurities. The sun would have said that it was beyond his dignity and honour to have an effect on dung. The sun would have changed its speed.

The Sun of Mercy
When the sun in the sky can convert impurities to fragrant flowers and creating bread in the oven, then what will be the condition of Allah’s sun of grace? When the rays of Allah’s mercy shine on the evil thoughts in the heart, those thoughts are changed to the light of piety. Allah does not require capability or a certificate for giving. When Allah can grant filthy impurities such garments, then what will He be able to give his pure servants. Jalalud-din Rumi (r.a.) is at a loss of vocabulary to express what bounties Allâh grants those who tread His path.

Extract from the teachings of Maulana Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb

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