Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Devotion to Allah

A policeman is in the force for 25 years in which no complaints have been filed against him. He arduously carries out his duties until he reaches the status of a sergeant, and in a few years time he will be retiring only to receive a healthy pension. However, one day at a certain police function he arrives without uniform, upon which he is reminded to wear it. After a few hours he is again seen out of uniform and reprimanded. He does not heed and eventually on the third occasion he is fired. After 25 years of service he is considered to be a failure and he is dismissed disgracefully.

Similar is the case of the Muslims of today, who worship Allâh but discard the uniform as they consider it insignificant. Despite being disobedient they still entertain the hope of gaining success and cannot comprehend why they are afflicted with difficulties.

Extract from 'The Road to Success' by Maulana Abrarul Haq Saheb taken from www.jamiat.co.za

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