Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Killing Time

Killing time: the words ‘killing time’ are primarily an idiomatic expression, meaning ‘spending time in an inconsequential manner’, as in

I was just killing time.

A pertinent literalist question:

How can an attempt be made to kill a force that is solely responsible for the demise of every living creature that has ever graced (or dis-graced) the planet?*

Imam al-Ghazali:

Life is nothing but an accumulation of many breaths. So every breath is a precious diamond which cannot be purchased with anything in the world. It is a priceless jewel which has no substitute in value. So in movements and talks, and in sorrows and happiness, such a priceless breath should not be spent in vain. To destroy it is to court destruction. An intelligent man cannot lose it.

* Note: I do believe that our linguistic terms of expression, especially the more idiomatic, are so much a reflection of our intellectual, temporal, and spiritual states.

source: Ekhlas blog

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