Monday, April 16, 2007

Satellite Navigation

A few weekends back I had to travel up to Newcastle by car in order to attend a wedding. It was approximately 3 hours drive to a place unknown to myself and my friend but we had the 'sat-nav' with us to guide us along the way.

We were supposed to meet up with another car that was travelling to the same place but they were coming from further afar than we were. As it happened they were running late and so we decided to stop off at a point in our journey for a break to grab a hot drink and 'chill a little' until the other car got nearer to us. As it transpired they took a different route and road to us but eventually we did meet them on the road more closer to our destination.

As I pondered during our return journey I thought of some lessons to be drawn from using our sat nav,
  1. Just as might use the sat nav to take guide us to our destination and make a certain turn or take a particular road, we have the Qur'an and sunnah as our guide and we need to refer to it all the while as to how we deal a situation. It not only tells our destination, but how to get there too and even warns us of the roadworks and traffic (Satanic tricks and deviations) we should be aware of and prepared for.
  2. At times we may lose our connection with Allah, as the navigation equipment might do from the satellite, but do we really feel lost without this connection to our Creator? Do we feel as though we have lost direction and make attempts to ensure we come back onto the right path and away from the deviated route?
  3. Our little break along the journey reminded me of the fact that life in this dunya is like a journey, we have to move on in a short while (experience death), to our ultimate and eternal abode in the hereafter.
  4. The invitation to attend a wedding had been received and plans and efforts made to attend the wedding, even so that a fairly time consuming and arduous journey was encountered. What then to say of the invitation to jannah we have? Surely we should adopt and continue to strive actively to secure our attendance/ entry into it in the hereafter. Also along the way we may well have to make sacrifices and efforts, nobody will just carry us along with them.

May Allah give us the ability to remain steadfast upon deen islam.

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