Thursday, May 17, 2007

Big News

2 big items dominating the news recently: Missing Madeleine and certain Chocolates going haram. In fact the chocolates issue is big, the emails are doing the rounds filling up inboxes, texts flying about, forums on fire with the subject and its the latest 'have you heard?' words on Muslim tongues.

First of all, I dont see what all the fuss about the chocolate issue is, its not like we need them like we do air to survive. We read and hear all the while how we shouldn't have love for Dunyah, material things etc. Doesn't our behaviour give us a thing or two to reflect upon and ponder over?
Two, have people actually checked with Shuyukhs, Muftis, Ulama etc as to what this actually means?

Anyway I found the following post via Ehklas blog, enjoy...

For those who have studied Usul al-Fiqh, the different ways of textual interpretation–accepted, rejected, and differed upon–are known. However, there appears to be a new mode of textual interpretation:

“Imagined Indications of Blog Entries” (dilalat al-blog al-wahmiyya)

Let it be known that such indications are mere imagination, and not an acceptable source of deriving one’s religious understanding–and not a sound means of determining one’s religious conduct.

A number of people, from what I understand, saw a recent entry on Mars bars and deduced that, (1) Mars bars are now haram; (2) rennet is haram; (3) “Shaykh Faraz says so.”

None of these are true. I don’t know Mars bars to be haram, because rennet isn’t Haram in the Hanafi school. There is some detail: Please search SunniPath Answers ( for related answers, insha’Allah.

Imam Nawawi relates in the opening chapter of his Sahih that Abd Allah ibn Mubarak said, “Verily, this matter is your deen, so look carefully as to whom you take your religion from.”

In our times, one can add: Look carefully as to how you take your religion.

source: Seekers Digest

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