Thursday, January 03, 2008

Come back to the Deen

This is a true story, of how a sister came back to her Deen Alhumdulillah!

She was a sweet and innocent girl, her name was Aisha
She loved her parents, Abdul and Alisha.
For them, she was the best thing to have happened
She was always cheerful and never easily saddened
She studied hard to achieve her goals,
Top of the class, she was told.

She enjoyed spending time with her mates,
Until one day they had a debate,
Not knowing that this was about to change was her fate.

She started making new friends
Began following the latest trends,
Mixing with boys is how it begun
She thought this was fun
Her new friends would constantly, be flirting with boys,
In return they were treated as toys.

Aisha started to let shaitan get in her way,
She took of her headscarf and went astray.
She did this on the sly,
What would she have said to her Lord if, suddenly she was to die?

Months later, after the continuous misbehaving,
And ‘time-to-time’ raving.
She fell for Zain, the boy of her dreams
Well so it seemed.
They got closer and closer
And fell in love with each other.

She wasn’t allowed to out that often,
Considered herself to be a boffin
So she started bunking school,
To be with, Zain, what a fool?!
She lied to her mum and dad,
Not knowing how it would make them sad.

Then she started drifting apart from everyone
Zain was her life, her number one.
Her studies went down the drain,
She wasn’t ashamed.

A year went by; her parents found out and began to cry.
What had happened to their sweet little Aisha?

Hours turned into days, days into months and months into years,
The regular rowing turned into tears,
Her parents were angry,
Wanted to send her off to their country

She couldn’t stay away from her lover
So she decided to do a runner,
Consequently her parents found out her plans to runaway with Zain
Never has Aisha seen her mum and dad suffer so much pain
She saw tears in their eyes
She thought no more lies?

Zain kept calling her as he was missing her
It was a choice between him or her mother and father
What was she to do?

She realised being with Zain
Was driving her insane
And the people she loved, so much pain.

She went up to her room,
And asked herself was she doomed?
On her bed was an Islamic book,
She picked it up and had a look

To her surprise it read,

"And whoever does evil or wrongs himself but afterwards seeks Allah's forgiveness, he will find Allah Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."
[surah an-Nisa; 4:110]

From this day on she turned to Allah Subhana Wata’Ala
To leave behind her days of Jahiliyyah
Started to pray, five times a day,
To keep shaitan away,
From leading her astray
Love for Allah grew stronger, Alhumdulillah

Aisha realised it was time to finish with her boyfriend,
And began making amends with her real friends

She started researching on the Hijab,
Wearing the Hijab is no futile action,
It must be obeyed by women of the Muslim nation,
A woman may go through much trial and tribulation
Because she has obeyed Allah Subhana Wata’Ala
But the fulfilment of this action will never go unnoticed, Subhan’Allah

"Never will I allow to be lost the actions of any of you; whether male or female" (Surah Al-Imran 3:195)).

She thought to herself
Nothing good comes simple
With regards of struggle in wearing the Hijab
Allah has ordered us to cover our self
Not to expose our beauty
We should only be recognised by our personality
Therefore she put the Hijab back on.

This time her Iman was stronger
Since she got back her faith and trust in Allah, Subhana Wata’Ala

Abdul and Alisha, her mother and father
Were slowly starting to forgive her,
This was a sign from Allah Subhana Wata’Ala
As she was constantly repenting and following the Sunnah

Love for their daughter,
Was greater than ever.... Alhumdulillah!

Nothing good will come easy in this life, Our Lord has promised not to overburden a soul with more than it can bear. The problem that the we as an Ummah are facing is that we have forgotten that WE ARE TRAVELLERS ON THIS EARTH, AND EVERY TRAVELLER MUST RETURN HOME!!!

ALL PRAISE BE TO ALLAH, Ar-Rahmaan, Ar-Raheem.
Source: Hikmah

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