Monday, March 06, 2017

Life at home

💠 A woman shared an exemplary point about her life at home:

🏡 I have allotted a name to each room in my house.

🛋 My living room has been named "Tahleel Room", so whenever I am in that room I continue to recite/read 'La Ilaha Illalah'

🛏 I have named my Master Bedroom "Hamd Room". My Zikr is this room is 'Alhamdulillah'

🛏 My children's bedroom is named "Tasbeeh Room" and I recite 'SubhanAllah' in that room

🍽 My kitchen's name is "Astagfaar Room" so while cooking food I remember to read 'Astagfirullah'. Normally while cutting vegetables I continue to do Zikr which I believe adds to the taste and pleasure in my food.

👒 My drawing room is named "Salawaat Room".

🌸 I read "Takbir" while watering plants and pots.

🌹 To summarize, I am involved in Zikr in each corner of my house and this saves me from getting lethargic.

💖 This way I stay entertained at home and I don't feel tired. At the same time, my home is blessed and my heart is satisfied!

👌🏻 Let us all follow her example and make the air in our homes fresh and beautiful.

Via Shaykh Abdul Raheem

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