Sunday, October 23, 2005

Laylatul Qadr


Regarding this night, in a Hadith reported by Anas (R.A.) in Durrul Manthoor, Rasulullah (pbuh) is reported to have said: Laylatul Qadr was granted to this Ummah (of mine) and not to any other Ummah before this.”

As regards the reason for the granting of Laylatul Qadr, various views are held. According to some Ahãdith, one reason is given thus:

Rasulullah (pbuh) used to ponder over the longer lives of peoples of the past ages and when comparing them with much shorter lives of this Ummah, he became greatly saddened, because if his Ummah wished to compete with the people before them, then because of their shorter lives, it would be impossible for them to either emulate or surpass the previous Ummahs in the doing righteous deeds. Therefore, Allah in His Infinite Mercy granted them this night of great blessings. This means that, if any fortunate person of this Ummah during his life-time spends ten such nights in worship of his Maker, he would have gained the reward of (Ibãdah) worship for eight hundred and thirty three years and even more.

Another report states that Rasulullah (pbuh) once related to the Sahãbah the story of a very righteous man from among the Bani Isra’il, who spent one thousand months in Jihãd. On hearing this the Sahãbah enviously felt that they could not attain the same reward, whereupon Allah granted them this Night (of power).

There are other reports too, explaining the origin of the night of power. But no matter which of these are accepted, the important fact remains that Allah has granted us this night as a great favour and how fortunate are those who have never missed worship in this night.

It is reported from Ãyesha (R.A.): “I said ; O Rasulullah (pbuh), when I find myself in Laylatul Qadr, what shall I say?” Rasulullah (pbuh) replied; Say:
“O Allah, You are the One who grants pardon for sins, You love to forgive, thus forgive me.”

On such occasions, our pious predecessors had three standard practices.
1. Zikr
2. Tilãwat (recitation) of the Qur’ãn
3. Nafl Salãh
[Malfoozãt Page 513. Ifãzãtul-Yaumiyah]

Muslims must ask for their various permissible needs and also remember the Muslim Ummah.
We request each reader to remember Islãmic Tarbiyah Academy too on this night.
Rasulullah (pbuh) said:
“Whosoever was deprived of this night was indeed deprived of good in totality. None is deprived of its blessings except a totally wretched souls.” [Ibn Mãjah]
Source: Attarbiyyah Magazine

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