Sunday, October 09, 2005

Prescription for Spiritual Ills

Hazrat Shibli (r.a.) went to a Hakim (Indigenous doctor) and asked if he could cure a patient who commits sins regularly.

Nearby a saintly person was sitting and collecting the straws and was murmuring: "Those who adore You (Allah) collect straws."
He called Hazrat Shibli (r.a.) and gave him the prescription.

"Take the flowers of shyness, the fruits of contentment, root of submissiveness, young shoots of grief, leaves from the tree of truth, the bark of civility and the seeds of politeness. Start grinding them in the grinder of devotion. Add daily the tears of shame. Put this mixture into the pan of your heart and bake it in the oven of fondness. When ready strain it in the strainer of the purity of the heart, mix the sugar of sweet words, cook it on the high flame of love. When the mixture is ready cool it with the air of fear of Allah. Then use it."

source: 20 Lessons for Muslim Women by Maulana Aashiq Elahi
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