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Gog and Magog

Gog and Magog (Yajuj and Majuj)
The appearance of Gog and Magog is another of the major signs of Qiyamah. Here we recount a brief summary of the history of Gog and Magog and their appearance before Qiyamah.

Gog and Magog are two tribes from the progeny of Hazrat Nuh (A.S.) and they are large in number, such that they constitute nine tenths of mankind.

Dhul Qarnain was a great Muslim king who lived at the time of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.). During the travels of Dhul Qarnain he came across a people, living in the vicinity of two mountains, who complained to him about the tribes of Gog and Magog that lived behind the mountains. Gog and Magog would emerge causing corruption, bloodshed and plundering the people and then would run away.

Dhul Qarnain using the skills and power that Allah had given him and with the assistance of the people built and put in place an iron and copper wall as a barrier between the two mountains to stop Gog and Magog.

Abu Huraira (R.A.) narrated that every day Gog and Magog try to break free through the wall of Dhul Qarnain until they reach the end of it to the extent that they could actually see the light on the other side. They then return home saying, ''We will break through tomorrow. '' However, Allah causes the wall to revert to its original thickness and the next day they start all over again. This process continues each day as long as Allah wills for them to remain imprisoned. When Allah wishes for them to be released, then at the end of that day they will say, ''If Allah wills, we will break through tomorrow.'' The next day they will find the wall as they left it the previous day and after breaking through the rest they will escape. [Ahmed, Tirmidhi, Ibne Majah]

Prophet Isa (A.S.) will come to know of the release of Gog and Magog and he will lead the Muslims to Mount Tur, as commanded by Allah, for protection and safety. The Muslims will face many hardships and difficulties upon Mount Tur.

Gog and Magog will come forth from every lofty place causing destruction and bloodshed wherever they go. Their first batch will come to Lake Tiberius and drink all of its water. Their last batch will come to it and say, "There was once water in this lake."

Marching on, carrying out pillage and murder to their left and right they will come to the mount of Khamr (a mountain in Jerusalem) and say, "We have killed the inhabitants of the earth, let us now kill the inhabitants of heaven." Thus they will shoot their arrows towards the sky. Allah will return the arrows covered with blood and they will foolishly think they have killed those in the heaven.

Prophet Isa (A.S.) and the Muslims will pray to Allah Almighty to save them from this calamity that has befallen them. As a result Allah will send insects upon the necks of Gog and Magog and in the morning they will all be found dead. The believers will descend from Mount Tur but will find the earth littered with the foul smelling and rotting corpses of Gog and Magog.

Once again the believers will pray to Allah Almighty and Allah will send huge birds to carry and dispose the bodies of Gog and Magog. Thereafter Allah will send down a heavy rain, the waters of which will flow in every part of the earth cleansing it thoroughly. It will rain for a period of forty days.

The Muslims will then reside upon the earth once again, enjoying abundant crops and great prosperity.

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Ahmed (now Ahmed mama as of earlier today!)

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