Thursday, June 29, 2006

On Closer Inspection

I went for an eyesight test about a month ago and alhumdulillah after looking into the back of my eyes with some specialist tools there was no problems found.

Around about the same time I was reading in the paper about how Hitachi are developing a secure mobile phone which uses finger vein pattern recognition to authorise the user. They had already considered finger print and retinal eye recognition, but they discarded with them as finger prints can easily be obtained from the mobile itself, as its covered with them through normal use anyway, and retinal patterns can apparently also be obtained from digital photographs as well.

After some reflection, in both instances it is obvious that something not comprehended or easily viewed by the layman, can on closer inspection, by someone with knowledge and expertise, be sought out, found and utilised by them.

Similar is also the case for the Muslim who may not be aware of the diseases and ill characteristics of the heart that he may possess. A lifetime may be passed in ignorance of these deficiencies whilst he may consider himself to be pious and virtuous because he prays regularly, pays out zakat, keeps his fasts and has performed Hajj. This is where the importance of tasawwuf and the need for a Shaykh as a qualified spiritual mentor comes into play. Through the company and guidance of a Shaykh, one can not only identify such ill characteristics but also go about rectifying them. The ultimate goal one strives to achieve through the Shaykh is purification of the heart and soul and to draw closer to Allah.

May Allah swt give us the ability to take benefit from our Shuyukh and eliminate the diseases/ illnesses of the heart and draw closer to Allah, Ameen.

As wedding season kicks in for me, updates to the blog for the next couple of months may not be as timely and frequent as they are normally. Please remember me in your dua's and visit the many other beneficial islamic blogs linked to here as well. Jazakallah.

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